Taylor Hicks gets $750,000 advance for his memoir, plus billboards in Alabama

American Idol 5 winner Taylor Hicks will receive a quarter million dollar advance for his life story, which he will not write. The book is titled Heart Full of Soul, and will be in bookstores next spring.

“Random House’s Crown imprint paid Hicks an estimated $750,000 advance for the memoir,” according to People magazine. And “according to Hicks’s agent, Alan Nevins, [the book] will be ghost written by David Wild, whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone.”

Even more excitingly, Taylor is now one of the stars of a billboard campaign in his home state of Alabama. The state, which is home to two American Idol winners (Taylor and season two winner Ruben Studdard) and one runner-up (season four’s Bo Bice), is now bragging about this on a series of billboards.

The six billboards have pictures of the three men and say, “Where America finds its voice. Alabama.” Alabama tourism director Lee Sentell told the AP that “The boards will go up shortly before the ‘American Idol’ auditions begin in Birmingham on Aug. 21.”

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