Clay Aiken: “it’s harder … to come by songs that are as superb as the songs that I grew up on”

RCA issued a press release late last week that reveals the contents of Clay Aiken’s new album, and explains why many of the songs are covers. Clay says,

“When we first embarked on making an album, my executive producer Jaymes Foster and I started out with one or two covers, then we had three. We slowly discovered that it’s harder these days to come by songs that are as superb as the songs that I grew up on. Based on that, it was Clive’s brainchild that we take classic love songs of the last 30 years and pair them with four new songs. He is a man who not only knows music, but really has his finger on the pulse of what listeners want to hear.”

Still, Clay says “[t]his new album has much more of me in it” compared to his first two records. He explains that the title refers to the fact that “[t]his is an album of love songs, but they are about all different kinds of love. Romantic love, Friendship, Unconditional love. There are a thousand different kinds of love; a thousand different ways to tell someone you love them. And, on top of that, since so many of these songs are covers, it’s realistic to say that many of them have been or could be sung a thousand different ways.”

RCA reveals all 14 tracks, which include four original songs, including one co-written by Jon Bon Jovi, and 10 covers. The new songs are “Lonley No More,” “These Open Arms,” “Everything I Have,” and “A Thousand Days.”

Clay Aiken Releases New RCA Records Album ‘A Thousand Different Ways’ in Stores on September 19th [RCA press release]