Top Model 7 story writers go on strike

Story writers working on America’s Next Top Model 7 have gone on strike. They are “alleging that the show’s producers had snubbed their request to join the Writers Guild of America, West,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

In a statement, the writers said, “There is a double standard being applied, as our peers in dramatic television work under the protections of a WGA contract.” As Variety reports, “The CW had responded by asserting that the writers and the WGA should take the issue to the National Labor Relations Board so that the federal agency could then conduct an election — a step that would take many months to complete.”

As of Thursday, “[o]nly the first few episodes have been completed for the series’ seventh cycle,” although the show will debut in less than two months and will be the new network’s first show. The CW said in a statement, “We expect these issues to be resolved in the near future, and the show remains on track for its Sept. 20 launch on the CW.”

Last Thursday, the writers left their jobs for one hour to protest their lack of unionization. The “low-key protest,” as the LA Times called it, was part of the Writers Guild of America, West’s campaign for unionization of reality TV writers. Last year, they sued networks and producers and protested at conferences.

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