Striking Top Model 7 writers “have not yet gotten any response” from Tyra

Daniel J. Blau, a story producer/writer on America’s Next Top Model, is one of the 12 striking writers who want their new network, The CW, to let them join a union.

In an interview with Television Without Pity, for which he used to write, Blau explains that striking “been an agonizing decision for all of us.” He says they want fair wages and health insurance; right now, he has to pay $600 per month for his self-funded health insurance. And he notes that, “[f]or all of the other shows on the CW, those people are all getting the same benefits that we are being denied.”

Most distressingly, Blau reports that the 12 writes sent their letter requesting representation to host and executive producer Tyra Banks. But as of now, he says, “we have not yet gotten any response to that. And we’re very curious to hear what she thinks.”

Noting that Tyra herself is represented by a union, AFTRA, “we are appealing to her, and to her agent, and to her union organization to see where she stands on all of this. Because, while this really is an issue between the CW and us, I would love to hear what Tyra thinks of it.”

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