Paris Hilton says The Simple Life and her persona are “fake”

Not that this comes as any surprise, but Paris Hilton has admitted that The Simple Life is, to use her word, “fake.”

At the same time, she tries to claim that all reality shows are constructed as artificially as her show, which is clearly not the case. Then again, this is Paris Hilton talking, and she’s not exactly known for her intellect. But wait! Paris says that the person she is on TV is “a character” she created. And we have no idea who the real Paris Hilton is.

She discusses these things in an interview with The Sun, in which she talks about her new career as a singer and her plans to tour. But here’s what she told the paper about her four-season-old reality show:

“Simple Life is a reality show and people might assume it’s real. But it’s fake. All reality shows are fake basically. When you have a camera on you, you are not going to act yourself. So before I started the show I thought I’d make a character like the movies Legally Blonde and Clueless mixed together, with a rich girl all-in-one. Even my voice is different and the way I dress is different from me in real life. It’s a character I like to play. I think it’s carefree and happy. The public think they know me but they really don’t.”

Nice work if you can get it [The Sun via TVtattle]