Paula arrested, charged with assault for biting her boyfriend

Real World Key West cast member Paula Ann Meronek “was charged with third-degree assault after she allegedly bit her boyfriend at least five times on the arms and hands when he reportedly refused to allow her into their home,” according to The Middletown Press.

This happened early Sunday morning in Cromwell, Conn., when Paula “allegedly bit him on the arms and hands as he blocked her entry. He pushed her off and was able to call police.” Paula was “arrested without incident,” the paper reports.

This is apparently not the same boyfriend she had on the show, as TVgasm helpfully points out for people like me who stopped watching the show before it even began. The boyfriend is not her show boyfriend Keith, but John Alyward, who shares Paula’s address. He was also “arrested because, police said, ‘he blocked her entry into what is her legal residence,'” according to the paper.

Update: An alert reader points out that John Alyward may actually be Keith. That’s because John is his first name. For evidence, here’s are photographs of the Cromwell High School Class of 2000, which includes a man named John Keith Aylward.

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