Only 80 people audition for The Biggest Loser in Boston

On Saturday, only about 80 people auditioned for the (presumed) fourth season of The Biggest Loser in Boston.

I say “only” because that marks a sharp decline since auditions for (presumably) the third season in San Diego earlier this year drew more than 1,500 people. The Boston Globe reports that “more than 80 people gave up hours of their weekend to stand in line at The Rack in Boston’s Faneuil Hall for a shot on” the show. Either people in San Diego are fatter, or people in Boston are shyer.

The paper talked to some of the auditioners, and heard their sad stories. One man, who weighs over 400 pounds, said his mother thinks the show is “a freak show.” But he added, sadly, “People look at you anyway and you hear snickers all the time. I’ve got nothing to lose.”

One 22-year-old woman said her brother calls her “Big Fillet” in public. Clearly, she doesn’t need a reality show, she needs a new brother and/or an axe.

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