Rock Star: Supernova debuts tonight

CBS kicks off a second season of its musical talent search show tonight with the debut of Rock Star Supernova. The show debuts at 8 p.m. ET tonight with a 90-minute premiere, and while it will normally air in that timeslot, a special episode will follow tomorrow night’s debut of Big Brother 6.

If you can’t wait until this evening, of if you miss the show, the episode is available on the show’s official MSN site, which is sort of awkward, since it’s not airing on CBS’ new broadband channel. MSN’s site is also where the behind-the-scenes episode will air exclusively every week, instead of on broadcast television.

As the title suggest, the show is searching for a lead singer for a group titled Supernova, but it is not the existing band with the same name. Instead, established rockers Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted, and Gilby Clarke are looking for a person to front their new group, which also happens to be called Supernova.

The show will once again be hosted by Dave Navarro, and he’ll enlist his friends to guest judge the show.

Rock Star: Supernova [CBS]
Rock Star: Supernova [MSN]