Six years and 5,990 stories about reality TV

Today is July 9, reality blurred‘s official sixth anniversary. Tomorrow begins the seventh year of this site, which is about as crazy to me as realizing that when I began this project, I was 22, and now I’m about to move into my last year before I turn 30, at which time society’s expectations dictate that I’ll have to throw myself from a bridge unless I get my book published and move up to the A-list.

What began as a blog hosted by Tripod and powered by Blogger has become perhaps the world’s biggest archive of reality TV news, and, of course, stories about drunken reality whores. Since the site’s inception, I’ve posted 5,990 stories; this is the 5,991st. Many of those came thanks to readers like you, and perhaps even you, and for that I am grateful.

But I’m more grateful that you come back here day after day to read my bitching–I mean, analysis–and link to stories on your blog, tell your friends about it, and let me know when I’ve misspelleldd a word.

Thanks much.

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