2.4 million watch Project Runway 3 premiere, which will air on NBC Monday

Project Runway 3‘s debut Wednesday was watched by 2.4 million people, “more than doubling the 925,000 viewers who watched the second-season premiere on Dec. 7,” Variety reports. And that’s almost seven times the number of people (354,000) who watched the first season’s first episode.

As a result of its success, and to try to make the show even more popular, NBC Universal is demonstrating some corporate synergy by giving Project Runway 3 exposure on broadcast television. (The two networks did the same thing two years ago with Queer Eye.)

The first episode will air Monday at 8 p.m., while episode two will be broadcast Monday, July 24. Only two episodes are presently scheduled, although if the show performs well and provides a good lead-in to Treasure Hunters, NBC could certainly add more.

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