Last Comic Standing 4 has its final five after Gabriel is sent home for breaking the rules

The final five comics on Last Comic Standing 4 are Chris, Josh, Michele, Roz, and Ty. Ty beat Rebecca and Kristin in the final head-to-head competition and joined the other four in the final group.

Next week, audience voting will begin as one comic is eliminated each week. Today, the final six online contestants will be revealed; two of them will perform in a parallel contest as part of the show’s finale.

One other comic also went home last night, but not because he wasn’t funny. Instead, Gabriel Iglesias was sent home by producers for violating the show’s rules. Executive producer Peter Engel told him, “we have no choice … but to send you home.” The problem, as he said, was that Gabe had “broken the rules several times.” Despite a no-outside-contact rule, he smuggled a Blackberry on to the ship, and after producers discovered it, he “snuck out and made another phone call” in the middle of the night, as Peter Engel reminded him.

“I completely understand,” Gabriel said. The other comics were, for the most part, relieved to not have to face off against a more established comedian. Michele said, “That’s one less amazing comic I have to worry about.”

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