Two houseguests kicked off Australian Big Brother 6 after sexual assault

Michael “Ashley” Cox and Michael “John” Bric were both kicked off of Australia’s sixth Big Brother after they allegedly assaulted a female houseguest.

One of the two men “held down a female housemate while [the other] male contestant rubbed his groin in her face,” Reuters reports. A blog has screen captures of the incident, noting that it was John who held Camilla down while Ashley rubbed his penis on her face. (Update: Here’s the full video of the incident. All three laugh about the incident, and Camilla says, “You aren’t going to turkey slap me, are you?” Afterwards, she says to another houseguest, “I just got turkey slapped.”)

But while Internet watchers saw the incident, footage of the incident will not air on TV. And police will make no arrests. “After watching tapes and interviewing contestants, police have decided there is not enough evidence to support a criminal investigation into accusations of a sexual assault,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The two men will reportedly appear on TV tonight to talk about the incident.

As a result of all this, Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard wants the show taken off the air. “I think it is just a question of good taste. Here is a great opportunity for Channel Ten to do a bit of self-regulation and get this stupid program off the air,” he said today.

The show has also shown “regular nudity, footage of contestants showering and sexual activity in a hot-tub,” the BBC reports, and last month, an “adults only” uncut version was cancelled because of controversy.

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