Secret alliance may explain Big Brother 7 drama this week; houseguests don’t want to be sequestered

Besides the alliance of the four Big Brother 6 cast members, there may be a secret alliance of four others inside the Big Brother 7 house. This new alliance was revealed on the live feeds last week, and may help explain the angry reaction of HOH James after George won and used the veto.

During “a private conversation … it was revealed that James, Will, Danielle Reyes and Mike ‘Boogie’ Matlin had formulated a pre-game alliance before stepping into the ‘Big Brother’ house,” according to Jam! Showbiz.

Discussing the possiblity of James nominating Will and George in order to force George out, Dr. Will said, “My goal is not to go to sequester. Next week, I will be somewhat nervous. You don’t need to feel weird about nomming me.” Thus, when George saved himself, that created a problem for James.

Separately, Will also said that he “was promised over and over by the producers that this would be huge,” referring to the all-star season, and asked James, “Can we make some general agreement that if it comes to Week Five, you will kick me?” He wants out of the house before sequester begins.

Will is not alone. While the houseguests receive $4,000 a week for being on the show outside of any prize money, they earn $5,000 a week for being sequestered as part of the jury. Still, many of the houseguests are reportedly bitchy about the possibility of being sequestered.

According to Reality TV Calendar, “Will, Mike Boogie, Danielle, Jase and Marcellas have all said on the feeds that they would not go to sequester. They would refuse to participate in the show any further.” And here’s another example of why having an all-star cast just isn’t always the best idea: they know too much and have inflated impressions of themselves and their importance.

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