Janelle wins HOH for the second time after Jase is unanimously voted out

Janelle has won Head of Household for the second time on Big Brother 7. She won the HOH competition–and kept the season six alliance in control for a fourth straight week–shortly after Jase was voted out of the house unanimously.

Right before he left, Jase joked about George’s t-shirt, saying, “Crazy people make poor decisions, like wearing a Mr. Fart shirt on national television.” But then he choked up and said, “I hate the way I’m leaving this house. It kills me inside.” He said the same thing to Julie Chen, insisting that he’d be a better player on Survivor, where of course no one ever is surprised when they’re voted out.

Tonight’s time-wasting family segment was spent on Dr. Will and his brother, but also featured a cameo by everyone’s favorite electronic toothbrush-wielding psychopathic leech. Yes, Shannon was interviewed, although she was barely recognizable. She changed her name from Shannon Dragoo to a much more porn star-sounding name, Shannon Michelle, which is, coincidentally, how she was credited on the “Playboy: Girls of Reality TV” video.

Anyway, the only thing of substance Shannon said was, “Will and I have have not spoken in a couple of years, and it’s unfortunate.” I’m sure he thinks so, too. Speaking of Will, he told the houseguests that he regretted his statements at the veto ceremony, saying he should have said “severely disliked” or “strong disdain” instead of “hate.” Then, on live TV, he plugged his medical practice’s name, and naturally Julie Chen had no idea what was happening, although even Chicken George did (“Oh, here we go,” he said).

The HOH competition that followed forced the houseguests who correctly answered questions to eliminate one other player. More significantly, as Julie Chen said, it “will kick off a week’s worth of competitions where you may be single-handedly responsible for the fate of your housemates.” Perhaps some producers have awakened from their naps and decided to do something more creative than changing the punishment food from peanut butter to oatmeal.

Or not. Julie also promised that on Tuesday, we’d find out the answer to this scintillating question: “How will America’s wake-up calls affect the houseguests as they compete for the Power of Veto?” Yes, on Friday night, the houseguests will be awakened periodically with voice mail messages left by us; presently, CBS is asking how often we want to wake them up.

This is of no help to me; what I need is someone to call me during the show and wake me up, especially if it continues to focus on such tragically lame events in the house. It’s like we’ve regressed back to season one.