Janelle nominates Erika and Mike Boogie as the floater strategy is finally explained

Here’s one of the (many, I’m sad to say) things I dislike about Big Brother 7: the cast members, as alumni of the show, have a sense of entitlement and an inflated senses of their own importance. This works on MTV’s Challenge shows, but here, it’s just annoying, particularly since the producers have done absolutely nothing to break up the monotony or force alliances to turn against one another.

Tangent: No one is watching, dear producers, because oatmeal “slop,” wake-up calls, and a redecorated HOH room are uninteresting, show a lack of creativity, and do not constitute twists. Wake the fuck up and do something to make the game interesting.

Anyway, that sense of importance led the houseguests to have an unusual response to Jase’s eviction. After Jase was voted out, many houseguests moped around, saying he “deserved” to be there and shouldn’t have been eliminated, particularly not backdoored, as if the game hasn’t been this way for years. And most of them, save for James, Howie, and Marcellas, seemed to be in agony despite the fact that they voted him out instead of Dr. Will, as if they’d had no choice at all. Dumbfaces.

Another thing I hate is that the show is gradually eating away at the fond memories I had of last season. Diane summed up my feelings well: “How dare season six continuously make fun of the Nerd Herd from their own season when they are an exact replica?” she asked. “I mean, is America enjoying Nerd Herd part two?”

Well, I still like them, but I grew to love them because they were the smarter, more cunning underdogs. This year, they’re both in power and playing flatly. Even James agreed his alliance wasn’t being smart about nominations, saying, “I don’t understand how these people can be so stupid.”

The stupidity comes from the strategy that was finally articulated last night, and it involves the “floaters” in the house. Dr. Will performed an hour-long puppet show in the bathtub with rubber ducks to try in order to explain this and ultimately make a proposal: He wanted Janelle to “nominate two floaters” in order to “take a group of six to the final six.” That six is Chill Town plus the season six alliance.

Janelle was agreeable to this, at least at first. “I’m not scared of them; I’m scared of the floaters,” she said, adding later that “they control the votes.” That definitely makes sense, except for the fact that none of them are strategizing, nor do they appear to us to be acting as a group. Will and Boogie are, and they seem much more threatening anyway, because they’re so duplicitous.

But there’s something else weird going on. Both Janelle and Kaysar seem to have been scarred by the hatred last season’s houseguests had for them, and now, they’re trying to be nice to everyone. “I don’t really want to make the nominations,” Janelle said. Dr. Will told her, although in service of his own agenda, “You’re the baddest bitch in reality TV history. Why would you care if someone’s a little upset with you?” Amen.

Janelle finally pulled it together, nominating Mike Boogie and Erika, who Janelle said was a pawn to force the group to oust Boogie. But considering the past few votes, and Janelle’s interest in eliminating floaters, don’t be surprised to see Boogie stay on Thursday.

The best part of the episode was when the editors let Mike Boogie and Marcellas make fun of the producers for their stupid “who wants to see my HOH bedroom?” segment. “The one thing I hate the most about the Big Brother house is that fake-ass walk when the whole group goes up to the HOH room,” Boogie said. The editors interjected his fake screams of joy over clips of the houseguests looking at Janelle’s pink room, which Marcellas called the latest design “an abomination.” So, too, is the fact that at least once a week, they have to kill time with this same boring routine.