Janelle wins the veto while Howie stalks Will

Inside the Big Brother 7 house, things seem to be moving at warp speed. It’s already time for the first veto ceremony, and tomorrow night, one person will once again exit the house only to be greeted by the most awkward interviewer ever.

This season’s second episode began with way too much time spent on Danielle and Alison trying to a) win favor with Jase and Janelle, b) lie about their role in the plan by blaming the other person, and c) cover their asses. Alison openly admitted that she “lies all over the place,” and said, “I definitely have to be nice.” Luckily, being a two-faced lying bitch is what Alison is best at.

Meanwhile, Howie was either just being himself or strategically trying to creep Dr. Will out. And it was working. “Something wrong with that kid,” Will said, telling Howie, “I’ve never had a retarded friend.” Will did find that they have a shared interest: “Howie and I have one thing in common. We’re both attracted to me.”

As Howie followed Will around, Will decided he’d ally himself with Howie, and thus the season six alliance. Dr. Will phrased that by saying that he planned to “ride [Howie] like Seabiscuit.” But it was Chicken George who did that, climbing on Howie to slide down the makeshift slip-and-slide the bored houseguests created in the backyard. “The very idea of George mounting Howie almost made me straight,” Marcellas said. “Gross.”

When it was finally time for the veto competition, the houseguests learned that this year, those on the block or in the HOH position won’t select the non-nominated, non-HOH houseguests who compete; instead, those people are chosen at random.

Janelle easily won the competition, which involved sorting through trash allegedly from all previous seasons that was spread out across the backyard. Not surprisingly, Janelle didn’t use the veto, and either Danielle or Alison will go home Thursday. Alison wasn’t happy even before the competition, calling Janelle “bitch” and “busto” (oh, Alison, you twit), telling us, “I will murder someone to get that veto.” Why haven’t they kicked her ass out yet? That’s death threat number two, counting the one that aired at the end of last week’s episode.

Meanwhile, Dr. Will told us, “I’m here just to stir up the pot.” Damn, he and his pretend evilness are so five seasons ago. I’m actually kind of bored with everyone, and right now, I’m only really interested in watching Janelle, James, Howie, and Kaysar eliminate the rest of the house one by one. Since Janelle has now won two of the two competitions, and with James’ track record for winning competitions, that just may happen.