Houseguests, twist revealed as online feeds’ audio goes live accidentally

Yesterday, the Big Brother 7 houseguests were heard on the live feeds, as “they started broadcasting for approximately an hour Tuesday afternoon before being shut down,” according to Jam! Showbiz. Thus, the names of the houseguests have been revealed, as has a major game-changing twist.

As an aside, I’m not sure whether I am in awe of, or have pity for, those who can recognize past houseguests by voice alone, and I’m not going to even start on those who monitor the feeds in the middle of the afternoon on a holiday, days before they’re supposed to go live.

The houseguests are Alison, Danielle, Diane, Erika, George, Howie, James, Janelle, Jase, Jennifer/Nakomis, Kaysar, Marcellas, Mike Boogie, and Will. Of course, we don’t yet know which six were viewer’s picks. Producers opted to stock the house with 14 people, not 12, which everyone seems to think is a surprise, even though the possibility was revealed by producer Allison Grodner back in April.

In addition, the dialogue has apparently revealed one of the major game changes this year (highlight to read): “It seems the HouseGuests participated in a Head of Household Competition which crowned two HOHs for the week. Winners Jase and Janelle now must nominate two HouseGuests for eviction and if they cannot decide on whom to put up, they themselves will be nominated,” according to Jam! Showbiz.

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