Bravo VP confirms Katie Lee Joel is leaving Top Chef, says it’s to “pursue other opportunities”

Bravo’s Andy Cohen, the networks VP of programming and production, confirmed on his blog that Katie Lee Joel will not return for Top Chef 2. Her departure was rumored last week.

Cohen says Joel is exiting to “pursue other opportunities.” Of course, few phrases are more full of shit than that one; every spin-controlling corporation and government entity uses those three words to lie. While Cohen deserves credit for at least confirming that she’s leaving, it’s too bad he couldn’t just say that she didn’t work out or admit that her wooden presence caused the audience to slip into mild comas.

Here’s Cohen’s full text about Katie Lee Joel’s other opportunity-pursuing:

…I want to address something you may have heard, that Katie Lee Joel wont be joining us next season on “Top Chef.” It is unfortunately true that Katie has left us to pursue other opportunities. She is a dynamic, beautiful woman who is passionate about food with a real zest for life. Everybody at “Top Chef” is going to miss her next season but she will always be part of the Bravo family.

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