Tom Colicchio: Harold’s Top Chef win “was a lot closer than people thought”

Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio says winner Harold Dieterle’s victory “was a lot closer than people thought just watching the program.”

He tells the Denver Post that “Harold kind of fell apart on some of the challenges …It came down to who would be the most likely to inspire. If you can’t get your people to want to work with you, your restaurant isn’t going to last very long.” Thus, Tiffani was eliminated.

Tom Colicchio served as Harold’s sous chef for the Food and Wine Classic competition, which was one of Harold’s prizes. They lost the competition, but Harold is using the event to look for investors for the restaurant he wants to open in New York City.

“People tell me I’m crazy to open a restaurant in New York, but I think there is always room for one more restaurant, especially if it’s one driven by passion,” he says. “Nobody else is going to be doing food like mine, I promise you. In the end, I know it’s just food; we’re not saving lives here. But we are nourishing souls. I know that sounds hokey, but that’s what good food does.”

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