Track Real World Denver cast online; gay cast member changes his name

Thanks to technological advances, The Real World Denver cast may become the most-stalked cast in history. Besides The Denver Post blog tracking their exploits, a new site allows people to text message sightings that are then updated in real-time on a Google Map map. asks those who spot the cast to text the location to 303.875.5114. You can also sign up for text message or e.mail alerts to notify you of the cast’s location, in case your life is so miserable you have nothing better to do than stalk a bunch of drunk idiots. Not that I’m judging.

One place that at least one cast member will be spotted regularly is gay bar JR’s, where cast member Jeremy has earned a night job “as an assistant bartender,” the Rocky Mountain News’ Penny Parker reports, following up on her earlier report.

Perhaps most interesting, however, is the fact that Jeremy, who is gay, is actually not named Jeremy. Parker says that’s “his show name, not his real one.” Whatever his real name is, he’s a smart guy, perhaps guessing that he won’t want to be known as “so-and-so from The Real World” the rest of his life. Instead, he’ll just be known as “the guy who looks a lot like Jeremy from The Real World.”
Parker: ‘Real World’ actor to work behind the bar at JR’s [Rocky Mountain News]