Real World Denver cast has moved in; club is hosting launch/reunion party Friday

The cast of The Real World Denver has reportedly moved in to their house at 1920 Market Street in Denver. The Rocky Mountain News reports that the “cast settle[ed] into its new downtown digs,” while The Real World Denver Blog spotted filming taking place last Saturday.

Season after season, production and cast members have faced hostile locals; the casts have also maintained that they’re part of a “project” that has nothing to do with MTV. This season, that approach is apparently being discarded, and producers are allowing the cast to get a taste of what it’s like to make a living greeting drunk people in bars.

Tomorrow night, The Real World Denver cast members will be embracing the locals and hanging out with them at Club Vinyl. According to radio station 93.3, which will broadcast live from the event, those attending can “hang out with past and Real World Denver cast members” at the party. says the past cast members are John (Key West), Johanna (Austin), Cameran (San Diego), and Teck (Hawaii), but PlayCoed, which is selling tickets, says they are Jose (Key West), not John, plus Ace (Paris) and Nathan (Seattle). General admission is $15; VIP tickets are $50, and include appetizers and as many VDs as you can catch from the alumni.

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