Real World Denver cast may work as Outward Bound guides

One of The Real World Denver cast members already has a job as a bartender, but the cast needs a job they can collectively blow off and a boss they can annoy.

Get Real Denver reports that “that their official jobs while they’re in town will be as guides for Outward Bound, a non-profit wilderness education organization.” Adding to the evidence: The cast was seen at Sports Authority, and since there is no alcohol there, they were probably buying gear.

After Montana gave wine to a kid during the Boston season, the jobs moved away from those which involved the cast actually being able to affect someone’s life. In Austin, they made a documentary. But in Key West, they ran a tanning salon, which is mostly harmless, unless you spray tan someone in the eye. If working as Outward Bound guides is their job, it’ll represent definite swing back toward jobs that give the cast the ability to kill someone.

Get a jobby job! [Get Real Denver]