Real World Denver cast revealed; PA calls reporter a “sick” “stalker” for photographing the cast

A PA working on The Real World Denver called a reporter “a stalker” and “sick” for photographing the cast and crew, and producers also asked a police officer to intervene. Unbelievably, the reporter was on a public sidewalk at the time. In addition, there have been “reports of harassment from the crew of the show” particularly “outside the house.”

In part as a response to such arrogant, reprehensible behavior, The Denver Post has launched a blog called Get Real Denver. Its mission is to “bring you the latest news and gossip about the seven-member cast, plus the behind-the-scenes stuff you don’t get to see on TV … months before the show airs, right as it happens.” John Wenzel promises that the blog will “track the movement of the crews as they flit around the city in search of film-worthy madness, … sometimes even tracking the cast in real time as it moves around in a single night.”

Among other reporting, the blog has photographs from the launch party last week. It has also identified six of the seven cast members, and confirmed that two of whom are gay. Those six are:

Dean (Spokane, Washington)
TJ (from Rochester, New York)
Alexis (from California)
Davis (who’s gay)
Geoff (a tattooed, punk-looking guy)

“Real World” Denver cast update [Get Real Denver]