Teen Vogue editor says Lauren didn’t get the job because of the show

Of all the things about Laguna Beach spin-off The Hills, Lauren’s internship at Teen Vogue seems the most made-for-television. It’s automatic product placement and a storyline all at once.

But Vogue’s west coast editor, Lisa Love, tells the New York Times that the show had nothing to do with Lauren landing the job. Nothing. “If I didn’t like her, she definitely would not have gotten an internship, regardless of what the cameras wanted. She had to pass the test,” she said.

As to unfounded accusations that the show is scripted, Lauren assures us that she couldn’t act if she tried. “People who watch the show assume that we’re acting, so when I would go in to read for a role, they would always be like, ‘Huh, wait a minute.’ I can’t even read a script. I’ve tried and it’s painful to watch,” she told the Times.

That’s not the case with Heidi, who “plans to channel all that energy into acting classes” and “hopes her ‘Hills’ work will lead to a film career,” the Times reports. But Lauren remains committed to a career as a reality TV star. She said, “Scripts are corny and predictable. Real life is always better.”

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