Sean Yazbeck wins The Apprentice 5

Bill Rancic won the The Apprentice in April of 2004, ending the first season of a surprise, breakout hit. Now, two years and about two months later, Donald Trump has named his fifth apprentice, and the show is a mere shadow of what it once was. Subsequent apprentices have slipped away into obscurity or desperation.

In front of an unruly studio audience, Trump named Sean Yazbeck his next apprentice. Earlier this season, Sean said, “If things go well, by the end of this task I hope to have the job, the girl and a brand new life ahead of me.” Now he apparently has all three, because he said during the live show that he intends to marry candidate girlfriend Tammy.

During their final tasks, fired candidate Lee Bienstock proved himself to be a complete loser, failing to plan or organize his event well, and wandering around in an oversized jacket and jeans, looking like someone who wouldn’t even be allowed to park Trump’s car. Trump offered the finalists a choice between two jobs: developing a hotel in Hawaii or developing a hotel in SoHo. Both chose the SoHo project, although Sean said it was because it’d be closer to Trump, while Lee said he wanted to be in his hometown of New York. The ass-kissing worked, and his competence, organization, and leadership didn’t hurt, either.

Laid-back Lee vs. Suave and Efficient Sean [Yahoo!]