Sean and Lee both say their Apprentice finale charity auctions raised more

The two Apprentice 5 finalists each say their charity auctions raised more for their respective charities. Talking to TV Guide, both Sean and Lee admit that they really don’t know how much they raised overall, but each is convinced they raised more than the other. Here’s what Sean says:

“To be honest, I don’t know, but I think it must have been $70,000-plus. It was a lot more than Lee’s. We auctioned off the G6 hardtop convertible for, like, $40 [thousand] — like 25 percent more than Lee’s went for. And the Solstice we auctioned off for like $27. And what wasn’t mentioned was we got a bit cheeky and asked the speaker company if they would auction off a lunch with [SLS spokesperson] Quincy Jones, and they said, “Absolutely.” So we got $3,000 for that. And then we auctioned off little things…. We kept pushing it and pushing it.”

And here’s Lee’s version:

“We raised well over $85,000, I’m pretty darn sure. We auctioned shirts off the players’ backs, and Michael J. Fox’s alone got over $3,500. … Ah, I don’t think so [that Sean raised more]. Like I said, Michael J. Fox’s jersey alone got $3,500, and I also auctioned off sports memorabilia, a chance for somebody to actually play in the game…. I got more for my Solstice, so… they choose what they want to show.”

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