The Amazing Race 10 spotted in Kuwait

For its 10th season, The Amazing Race is apparently returning to the middle East, specifically to Kuwait, the small country that borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Blogger K The Kuwaiti noticed pairs of people and camera crews at the Kuwait airport, and writes that he “asked them if it was the Amazing Race, they said it was a ‘travel show’.” A team then asked for “directions to Kuwait Towers,” a distinctive set of towers that include an observation deck and a restaurant.

Photographs K took of the cast and crew with a camera phone are mostly blurry, but show teams of varying ages and ethnicities, and also clearly show a line of seven identical SUVs.

If there are no extra cars, that means this would be episode six with seven teams remaining. The team also “asked if I had any money,” K writes, so that might indicate that Kuwait is the first stop after a nonelimination leg.

‘The Amazing Race’ in Kuwait. [K The Kuwaiti]
Amazing Race – Kuwait [Flikr]

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