NBC ingeniously creates special Starting Over voice mail box to appease annoying fans

While daytime reality soap Starting Over is not yet officially cancelled, the show’s future doesn’t look promising. But fans of the show are “working hard trying to save the show from being canceled,” according to a press release sent by fans who gather at StartingOverTalk.com.

At first, that hard work involved creating free petitions and gathering names and illiterate comments. But then, some viewers “decided to take action” by making “a flood of phone calls … to different departments of both NBC and Bunim Murray,” the press release says.

NBC apparently received so many calls that they created a special phone number (818.777.0244) attached to a special voice mail box just to handle all of those calls. That sounds like a victory, but as the fans’ press release points out, “so many people have been calling the Starting Over viewer line that during most hours the voice mail box has been full and no longer able to accept new messages.”

Um, is it not completely obvious what’s happening here? NBC has brilliantly stopped obsessive fans from annoying them and made them feel empowered all at once. That’s sheer genius. At best, an intern is going to listen to those messages and make hash marks on a Chiptole bag, probably while listening to Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”on their iPod, singing along at the especially relevant parts: “You really think you’re in control/Well, I think you’re crazy/I think you’re crazy/I think you’re crazy.”

Daytime Reality TV Fans Try to Save Show [press release]