Reality TV convention in Nashville draws just 300 people but nearly 100 stars

Over the weekend, Jon “Jonny Fairplay” Dalton did his best to continue his career at a reality TV convention in Nashville that was organized and sponsored by reality blurred competitor Reality TV Magazine.

Among other things, he pretended to propose to Jerri Manthey and was hospitalized after his arm got “stuck in the hotel elevator door as it was closing,” according to USA TODAY. Dalton also “wound up spitting on Real World star MJ Garrett, who, several people say, then picked him up and put him, unhurt, on the ground.”

But the best part is the, according to the paper, is that the former cast members who attended “were told that 1,500 tickets had been pre-sold,” USA TODAY reports, but “attendance was closer to 300” people and fans. Since there were nearly 100 “stars” attending, that’s about one “star” for every three people, and thus the former cast members “spent a lot of time taking pictures with other reality stars,” which is about as close to reality TV whore incest as you can get.

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