Man spending six months living online, letting viewers control his life

Yesterday, 35-year-old Kieran Vogel “[became] the first person to give total control of his life to the Internet.” As part of the aptly named site “Our Prisoner,” he will spend the next six months living as viewers want him to, sort of like Big Brother in a shakable snow globe.

Kieran is “voluntarily confined to a suburban home” and “every aspect of Kieran’s life will be streamed in real-time and unedited,” according to the web site. Viewers will decide everything for him, from his clothes to who he’ll date to what he eats. He’ll also take calls from viewers.

The site is sponsored by BigString Corporation, and it’s not exactly a secret that the site pushes people to “sign up for a FREE Bigstring email account” when they register to be a voting viewer. TechCrunch even calls it simply “a publicity stunt for the email company producing it.”

In fact, Vogel once “created ads for BigString,” according to MediaPost. While promoting the company’s recallable e.mail service, he “mused that he wished someone would control him–presumably to help him overcome his ‘various neuroses.'” Now that his wish has been granted, let’s make him wear Cheetos and eat his boxers.

Our Prisoner