Paradise Hotel’s Dave Kerpen whores out his wedding

It’s not particularly noteworthy when a reality TV whore participates in a direct exchange of goods for their services; that is, after all, the definition of a whore. But usually reality whores get piddling prizes or G-list fame for their troubles.

That is not the case with Paradise Hotel‘s Dave Kerpen. He literally sold his wedding to sponsors in order to pay for it. When he gets married July 8, Dave’s wedding will be sponsored by “, the Broadway Mall, the Staten Island Hotel and Entenmann’s.” Oh, and by the Brooklyn Cyclones, whose stadium and 7,500 fans will be a part of the ceremony as well.

Letting people sponsor his wedding allowed him to have “an otherwise traditional Jewish ceremony with a $100,000 price tag,” according to the New York Times, which profiles Dave and his fiancee and their creative wedding plans. His fiancee, by the way, is Caroline Fisher, who coincidentally shares the name of a spouse of another reality star, Bo Bice.

According to the paper, Caroline “said she couldn’t afford a big wedding and couldn’t ask her parents to pay for a second $40,000 wedding ceremony when her first marriage lasted little more than two years,” and hence the sponsored wedding was born.

If you’d like to be a part of this historic occasion, tickets are just $7 for bleachers or $14 for a field box, and come with a free Dave and Carrie bobblehead for the first 2,500 fans. Irony is completely free, as are the memories you’ll have for the rest of your life, and hopefully the photographs and stories you’ll share with me.

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