World of Wonder will produce Perez Hilton’s reality show

Blogger Mario Lavandeira, better known as Perez Hilton, is on-board with World of Wonder Productions for his own reality show. The company, which has produced shows such as Showdog Moms and Dads for Bravo, is being slightly coy on its blog, reacting with mock surprise to his announcement.

The show is filming now, and, assuming it finds a network, may air in 2007. Lavandeira tells andPOP that it’s “a hybrid show, so it’s got elements of some of my favorite other reality shows. It’s a little bit ‘Real World,’ a little bit ‘Surreal Life,’ a little bit ‘Punk’d’ all rolled into one.”

He says that he was the one who approached World of Wonder. “I wanted it to come about, so I had a concept for a show and I auditioned production companies. I met with people that did a bunch of reality shows, but I ended up going with this great production company called World of Wonder.”

Lavandeira came to blogging fame by making fun of the celebrities who he now hangs out with and calls his friends. Basically, then, all bitchy bloggers want is to be embraced, loved, and affirmed by those very things they make fun of. But what happens if a blogger comes to fame by making fun of Lavandeira and his reality show, and then gets his or her own reality show as a result?

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