Bravo airs Three of Hearts documentary tonight, exploring a three-way relationship

Tonight, Bravo airs Three of Hearts: A Post-Modern Family, Susan Kaplan’s documentary film about a monogamous relationship between three people, two men and a woman. It was released theatrically late last year and early this year, and comes to television for the first time at 9 p.m. ET.

It’s not exactly HBO’s Big Love, but it’s close. In the late 1980s, bisexual couple Sam and Steven brought Samantha into their relationship and “set out to establish a new kind of family, one that would not be bound by conventional sexual or sociological rules,” according to the film’s web site. “They wanted to experience all the rites-of-passage monogamous couples enjoy — to live together, to work together, and to have children — but as a fully-functioning menage-a-trois.” The film follows them over 10 years to see how that relationship works.

Critics have a “generally favorable” impression of the film, according to MetaCritic. The New York Times says the film “could have [been] an inane, smirky documentary” but instead it’s “a thought-provoking story.” And The San Francisco Chronicle calls it “an often tender and revealing documentary.”

Three of Hearts: A Post-Modern Family