Mike “The Miz” and Trishelle win reality all-stars Fear Factor

Fear Factor‘s three episode reality all-stars competition ended last night, and Real World alumni Mike “The Miz” and Trishelle won the game.

Although they dominated the earlier challenges, they seemed doomed at the final challenge, primarily because Mike only managed to throw three balls to Trishelle (easy joke alert: balls flying at Trishelle’s head). But the other two teams weren’t able to match that, and together, they won $150,000. Mike’s MTV reality show retirement is really working well for him.

Apprentice candidates Tana and Craig and American Idol contestants Anthony and Carmen all made it to the end, but weren’t able to catch more than three balls and were eliminated. (Last week, Survivor‘s Twila and Jonny Fairplay; reality TV’s most dysfunctional couple, The Amazing Race‘s Jonathan and Victoria, went home the week before.)

When Anthony Federov was eliminated, he said in his exit interview, “I feel worse right now than when I did when I got eliminated from American Idol, I swear to god.” Hopefully that’s not because he’ll be apart from his new love Trishelle.

Season 6: 06.27.06 (617) Reality Stars [NBC]