Fresh Meat Challenge star Ryan used to date Shane, who says Jesse is closeted (maybe)

On MTV Overdrive’s The After Show this week, Road Rules star Shane talks about the Fresh Meat Challenge and its two other gay cast members, one of whom, Ryan, happens to be his ex-boyfriend (who he loving refers to as “a big fucking stinky asshole) and one of whom isn’t exactly out of the closet yet.

Shane tells show host Blair, “If you’re stick gonna another gay guy on there, don’t give me [my ex-boyfriend] Ryan, and don’t give me this closeted fucker.” The “closeted fucker” is Jesse, who’s paired with Johanna, although Shane later said, “I don’t know what he is.”

Shane’s quasi-assertion that Jesse is gay seems to be supported, however, by’s cryptic bio for Jesse, which says he is “one of the most conflicted newcomers to the challenge. While he holds firmly to his Christian faith, he simultaneously finds himself engaging in activities that directly oppose its moral teachings.” Ah, yes, “activities.” We’re probably not talking about shuffleboard here.

Meanwhile, the other gay guy is Ryan, who Shane says is a “reality whore” and “superfan” who he dated up until Ryan applied for the show. Here’s the full story, directly from Shane, who clearly still has some feelings for Ryan:

“I had the distinct joy of meeting a superfan in New York City. Well, his name is Ryan but he’s just Asshole in my opinion, so that’s how I view him, as a big fucking stinky asshole. We dated for a while, off and on, like, he would come to North Carolina, and I’d go to New York. And it was, like, all right, I was never in love. I think that he was, because he turned out to be a stalker in some sense.

Basically what happened was he called me one day and was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know how to tell you this but I just signed up for the challenge.’ And I go, ‘Oh, well, you’ll make it, and don’t ever call me again.’ And then we broke up. I knew he’d make it. Believe me, I know a reality whore when I see one. He was going around thinking that his whole life was going to change, he’s going to be famous, he doesn’t need to be a waiter any more. And I kind of laughed and was like, you fucking idiot. I’ve been on five of these shows. Believe me, I’m still waiting tables.

We said hello. Actually, I pulled him aside and we had a little one on one. He would like, every second, he would be like, he would say like gross words like, ‘Baby.’ I haven’t dated you in three fucking months; you’re a fucking psycho. Stop. I don’t want him near me. I want him sent home. I told everyone, I said, ‘Listen, if you’re my friend, the first person to go home is Ryan, so don’t partner up with him. … That’s why he was the last person picked, was that, Melinda got fucking screwed over and got stuck with him, so she knew she was screwed.”

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