CBS moves weekend Big Brother 7 episodes to Sundays

When Big Brother 7 settles into its regular three-nights-per-week schedule, there will be a change: The episode that has in the past aired on Saturdays at 9 is moving to Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

The new schedule, then, will have the show air every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 8. Variety views the weekend change as positive, saying the show will get “exposure on a more heavily viewed night and also warms up the timeslot for ‘The Amazing Race,’ which shifts to Sundays in the fall.”

CBS scheduling person Kelly Kahl told Variety, “We’re trying to raise the profile of the show a little bit. It’ll hopefully lift the Tuesday and Thursday airings as well.” The season begins Thursday, July 6, but the casting special airs next Wednesday.

‘Brother’ gets a better berth [Variety]