More than 2.4 million Big Brother 7 votes were cast in the first 18 hours

CBS’ decision to allow viewers to vote in six of the 12 Big Brother 7 candidates is a popular one, and has succeeded in driving a lot of traffic to the network’s web site.

Since voting began last night after the show, and “within only 18 hours of the polls opening, America cast over 2.4 million votes,” according to a CBS press release. That may pale next to one note of American Idol voting, but remember, we’re talking about the ugly, ignored urchin stepchild of reality TV.

Voting continues until next Wednesday, June 28, at 11:59 p.m. ET. The press release also notes that this is “the first time in the series’ history worldwide” that viewers have been given such awesome power. Thus, the guys at TVgasm and I urge you to vote for Danielle, Ivette, James, Janelle, Jase, and Will.

America Votes for their Favorite “Big Brother: All-Star” [CBS press release]