reality blurred and TVgasm endorse Danielle, Ivette, James, Janelle, Jase, and Will for Big Brother 7

The 20 possible all-star houseguests for Big Brother 7 have been revealed, and now it’s up to us to vote for six of those, three men and three women. The producers will pick the other six.

Because this is an insanely important decision, reality blurred has teamed with TVgasm to endorse six candidates. These are the six we argue you should vote for, and together, we’ll forever affect reality TV history.

Not all of my favorites are on this list, because we’re limited to six, and I despise some of them. But remember, we’re voting for our entertainment; last season was entertaining because there were people to love and hate. (B-Side addresses why we didn’t pick Kaysar, and while I agree that producers will put him in the house anyway, he doesn’t really deserve a third–third!–chance. Letting go of that button proved to me that earlier success was almost accidental.)

Here, then, are our picks. We encourage you to vote for them as often as you can:

Jase Wirey [vote for him]
We absolutely hate Jase. We don’t love to hate him. We hate him. Everything from his hair to his tank tops to his mandanas we despise. On season five, he was cocky and arrogant with no trace of intellect, and his constant posturing revealed an asshole eager for more time in the spotlight. His “Four Horsemen” alliance revolted nearly every viewer, and his obnoxious love affair with Holly not only pierced our ears but boggled our minds as well. Additionally, when cornered, Jase became a hypocritical, confrontational jerk. The ultimate egotistical piece of scum. That’s why we think he’ll be perfect the second time around. —TVgasm’s B-Side

Danielle Hendrix [vote for her]
Some people hate Danielle, but we love her. In season three, she manipulated and charmed her way to the top two, wisely employing a secret alliance with Jason all along. Her biggest downfall was her ruthless, candid, and hilarious diary room sessions, which at the time, the entire jury used to watch. They were all bitter about the things she had said, which is why she ultimately lost the big prize to Lisa. We like her scheming, and we like her observations. Bring her back. —TVgasm’s B-Side

James Rhine [vote for him]
Although James was secretly partnered with his fiancée Sarah during his season of Big Brother, her presence was always considered a liability. While he quickly tried to play various factions of the house together, his game-playing ability didn’t show until after Sarah left the house. With no allies, James was able to scheme his way farther into the game than anybody would have imagined. With an innate ability to get people to trust him, James is the type of “win at all costs” wild card you need to twist the game at any moment.–TVgasm’s J-Unit

Janelle Pierzina [vote for her]
The breakout star of Big Brother 6, Janelle is the total package when it comes to potential contestants. She’s smart, funny, athletic, very attractive, and loves to scheme. Although her budding romance with fellow contestant Michael has not lasted, she will always be remembered for rubbing an HoH win in the faces of her opponents with a chant of “Bye bye bitches!”. Janelle was the most loyal in her group and the most hated by her enemies. With her in the house we are assured of candid opinions and great entertainment. —TVgasm’s J-Unit

Dr. Will Kirby [vote for him]
Long before Jon “Jonny Fairplay” Dalton used dishonesty to advance himself on “Survivor,” Will Kirby lied his way to victory on Big Brother 2. He planned to be an unapologetic villain from day one, telling his fellow houseguests that he would lie to them, and promising to “waste” the prize money after he won. Ultimately, because he was so detested, he was never voted out. He won the game shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, and his victory was, understandably, lost in the aftermath of that day. Will deserves the chance to once again place his intellect up against a house full of morons to see if he can outwit them. —Andy Dehnart

Ivette Corredero [vote for her]
Despite–or perhaps because of–her uncanny resemblance to the trash heap on “Fraggle Rock,” Ivette managed to place second during Big Brother 6. The first openly lesbian cast member spent the season verbally ripping apart her in-house enemies. Feed watchers reported that she once called fan favorite Kaysar a “fake Muslim” and a “sand n——.” Although Ivette has distanced herself from her former alliance, The Friendship, there’s no way her fiery personality will let her play nice, so let the verbal fireworks begin. Ivette has spoken! —Andy Dehnart

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