Animal Planet’s Big Brother-with-cats show Meow Mix House debuts tonight

Animal Planet tonight debuts Meow Mix House, a “show” that’s like Big Brother, but with cats instead of people, and with a lot less bitchiness and peeing in the house.

For the next 10 weeks, 10 cats, all from shelters, are living behind glass windows at 425 Madison Avenue in New York City. They’ll compete in challenges and be eliminated one by one, although the losers will not just be hurled into an alley; instead, losing cats “will then be adopted into a permanent home, and receive a one-year supply of Meow Mix as a consolation prize,” according to a press release.

The AP’s Derrik J. Lang took photos of the house for his blog, and the final photograph shows the strangest fucking thing: Jonny Fairplay is also in the house. Apparently there’s no reality show he won’t do, although it’s not exactly fair, since the cats are much smarter than him, and since they’re naturally litter trained, they won’t poop in each other’s beds.

Animal Planet will air the show in three-minute episodes, perfect for super-short attention spans, starting tonight at 9 p.m. ET. The whole thing is, of course, “intended as an eye-catching marketing tool for Meow Mix,” CBS News reports. But you can also watch the kitties all day long on a webcam!

Meow Mix House
Catty Reality Stars On Animal Planet [CBS News]