Idol Go Home creator sues FOX and Idol producers for stealing his idea

The creator of Idol Go Home, a fantasy game for American Idol, has sued FOX, Fremantle Media, and American Idol Productions. Adam Pick alleges that FOX not threatened to sue him if he didn’t take down his web site, but then stole his idea.

According to a press release sent out by Pick’s lawyers, Pick showed FOX his “idea and even a prototype of the website,” but they “claimed that they were not interested in Pick’s concept but had no problem if he launched his own website using the ideas. Afterwards, Pick successfully launched his own website ( The Defendants then demanded that he immediately shut it down. At the same time, the suit alleges, the Defendants modified their own website to incorporate virtually all of the ideas Pick had pitched to them.”

He wants “unspecified damages” and FOX to “be prevented from using Pick’s ideas on their website.”

“American Idol” Sued for Stealing Website Concept from Devoted Fan [Idol Go Home press release]