ABC’s How to Get the Guy debuts tonight

Tonight at 10 p.m. ET, ABC debuts a new series from the creators of Queer Eye. How to Get the Guy “will follow four single women over six episodes as they take hold of their own romantic destinies and declare to the world that they are ready, willing and able to do anything and everything they have to in order to find true love,” according to ABC’s web site.

A male and female “love coach” will go with them as they visit “over 150-locations throughout San Francisco” and look for love. No word what happens when they actually find it, or how easy it is to find love with five other people and a camera crew following you.

The New York Daily News’ David Bianculli gives the series zero stars and says it “is a date with boredom,” while The Hollywood Reporter’s Ray Richmond says it’s “an artificial conceit for a superficial show.” And the Sun Sentinel’s Tom Jicha says says the show “is enough to make you pine for the honesty of brothels.”

How to Get the Guy [ABC]