Unan1mous is not a hoax, ends with Tarah winning $382,193

FOX’s Unan1mous ended last night, and despite all kinds of promotion that suggested a shocking! ending!, it concluded normally. The show totally limped into its finale, as the group decided to vote for Tarah, for lack of a better choice. She won $382,193, saving FOX $1.2 million.

Half of the episode was filler and scary pronouncements from the announcer. “Can they overcome the greed that has cost them nearly $1.2 million?” Why, yes they can. Even if some of the participants are actors, no one was revealed to be complicit in a hoax. And poor Steve, who almost won nearly $1.5 million, walked away with nothing.

There was some last-minute “drama” that may have been the work of producers or just the work of someone with an IMDB entry; as they were about to cast their voting balls in the voting tubes, Adam said, “You know what? Hold on.” He then changed his vote, and said, “There we go.” Ah, so convenient.

Host Head ended the show by saying, “The seven of you have proven that generosity can be greater than greed.” And even selfish Adam agreed. “I think everybody came to realize that the real reward here, it wasn’t that dollar amount. It was being able to give something to someone else,” he said. Unan1mous: a FOX show with a moral. We’ll keep that in mind whenever we buy one of Tarah’s handbags or look at Tino’s porn.