Unan1mous’ Adam is an actor; Jonathan appeared nude in gay porn

Two of the contestants on FOX’s Unan1mous are actors. While actors appearing on reality shows to further their careers is nothing new, their presence does add fuel to rumors that the show is a hoax that has not yet let the audience in on its secret.

Adam Gersh, identified on the show as a “professional poker player,” has appeared in two completed films, and is cast in one that’s currently in production, according to IMDB. His bio on the site mentions that he is a poker player, so that’s probably not a fabrication.

Tarah Paige has a much more extensive career in Hollywood, both as an actor and as a stunt performer. Among other shows, she’s appeared on FOX’s Malcolm in the Middle and NBC’s ER. (Update: This may be a different Tarah. Check out Tarah Paige the actress’ web site and Tarah Smith the handbag designer’s site, and decide for yourself if they’re the same person, as reports suggest, or if they’re different people.

Jonathan does not have an IMDB entry, but he has apparently appeared in front of a camera before, as he–or someone who looks exactly like him–was once photographed nude for a gay-themed site. He appeared on RandyBlue as “Tino” [nudity: NSFW], stripping and stimulating himself. Here’s how the site described “Tino”:

“Tino thought getting a new SUV would add to his sex appeal. I argued that he didn’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get noticed. His great smile and attitude, not to mention his hot bod, cool tats and a dick that stretches out strong and firm in front of him are what’s getting him noticed. Oh, and don’t forget about that round bubble-butt. Who could resist burying a face in that?”

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Tino_1 and Tino [RandyBlue]