Top Model 6’s Furonda says TV Guide interview is “like I’m being beaten with a stick”

You know an interview is going to be great when the interviewer starts his introduction by saying his subject “resembled E.T. in a wig” and wonders how she “outlast[ed] witty knockouts like Leslie and Mollie Sue.”

Thus begins’s interview with Top Model 6‘s latest eliminated model, Furonda Brasfield. The whole thing “makes Jade seem humble,” as interviewer Ben Katner writes, but here’s an excerpt of their dramatic, claws-out exchange: You don’t seem to enjoy interviews very much. Am I right?
Furonda: I love interviews, but I like to be asked relevant questions. Some of these… it’s like I’m being beaten with a stick. Like with the rules question, even after I explain it, you seem to want to have your own thoughts about it. I don’t know why people ask questions when my answer really doesn’t matter. It does matter. But aren’t I allowed to have an opinion, too?
Furonda: Sure. I value your opinion. [Pause] How many more questions do we have? Honey, we can be done right now. We don’t have to do an interview at all. A lot of the Top Model contestants like a bit of publicity as they start their careers.
Furonda: I feel like I’m being berated by questions that you wouldn’t ask an actual actress or a model. If an actual actress or model did a reality show on which she presented a list of rules for dealing with her, I would most certainly ask her exactly these questions. I thought you might appreciate the opportunity to explain your motivation. But I won’t “beat you with a stick” anymore.
Furonda: Thank you so much. Oh, no, thank you.

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