Andrea says Florence Henderson is “trying to maintain her Carol Brady bullshit”; Maven calls Tawny a “drug addict”

One of the biggest surprises about The Surreal Life 6 cast was the fact that Mrs. Brady, aka Florence Henderson, was so controversial. As TV Guide says, she “pushed people’s buttons and polarized the cast.” Two of the cast members who didn’t warm to Mrs. Brady were Andrea Lowell and Maven Huffman, and they talk to TV Guide about her and their lives in the house.

Maven is far more diplomatic, saying Florence “came in with an agenda. She came on in the role of ‘Florence Henderson as Carol Brady,’ and once that was over with she was back to her normal life.” Andrea, who Florence basically called an immorral slut because of her Playboy career, saying that Florence’s lectures were “such an act. Flo is trying to maintain her Carol Brady bullshit and appeal to her fan base.”

The two also talk about the other in-house trainwreck, Tawny Kitaen, and both suggest she was high on something. Andrea says, “Obviously Tawny is on… well, you know,” but refuses to say more. Maven says, “I’ve met a lot of drug addicts in my life, and most of them are functional. Tawny isn’t one of them.”

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