Trump happy with The Apprentice 6’s delayed debut; Apprentice 7 planned

After NBC bumped the fall premiere of The Apprentice 6 to January, one might imagine Donald Trump getting upset; he certainly isn’t shy about criticizing the network, as he did after what he now calls “the Martha fiasco.”

However, he’s not upset at all, and even manages to compare his show to the biggest reality show in the country. “It was always going to be one event, like ‘American Idol.’ But because it became so successful, we had it on twice,” Trump told the New York Daily News. “If you think about it, including the Martha [Stewart] fiasco, we had three seasons of ‘The Apprentice’ this year.”

NBC’s Kevin Reilly said yesterday that the series “just settled in from being a phenomenon to being a success,” and called it “one of the most successful shows on our air.” The network is already considering locations for The Apprentice 7, including Chicago, Las Vegas, and Miami, according to the paper. That’s the last season through which Trump’s current contract extends.

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