Olympic hockey player voted on to Apprentice 6 by viewers

Viewers voted online to select an Olympian as a candidate on The Apprentice 6, and the results are in. Angela Ruggiero will be a member of the cast.

She is a “1998 gold medalist and three-time U.S. Women’s Ice Hockey Olympian and Harvard Graduate,” according to an NBC press release. She was also “the first female non-goaltender to play significant minutes in a U.S. men’s professional hockey game.” In a bland statement, Angela said, “It’s an honor to have been selected by America. I’ll definitely be bringing my Olympic spirit and competitive edge to the game.”

Trump, however, used some of his zany humor in his comment. He said, “We’ll see if Angela can ice the competition as we take the boardroom to the West Coast.” Hi-ho!

Viewers Chose Three-Time U.S. Women’s Ice Hockey Olympian and Harvard Graduate Angela Ruggiero in NBC’s “Apprentice” Online Casting Competition [NBC press release]