Lee and Sean record Over the Hedge cameos and Sean kisses Hollywood ass

On last night’s episode of The Apprentice 5, Lee and Sean received an impressive reward: they were flown to LA, where they met Jeffrey Katzenberg and did voice-over cameos for Dreamworks’ animated movie Over the Hedge, which coincidentally debuts on Friday, not that its appearance was product placement or anything. (Apparently someone was under the delusion that people would go see the film just to hear Sean or Lee utter a word or two.)

Both Lee and Sean are apparently credited for their work, as IMDB had them listed even before the episode aired. Lee Bienstock is credited as “Lunch Table Larry,” while Sean Yazbeck stars as “BBQ Barry.” From the clip we saw, the cameos that made it into the movie are limited to a second or two of grunting noises.

Most curious is the fact that Sean’s IMDB entry also shows that he was credited as the lead actor in a 2002 short called Night Shift, which an excited IMDB reviewer calls “the Citizen Kane of action shorts.”

Although his official bio says nothing of this, Sean’s acting experience doesn’t exactly qualify as an acting career, but he does have a paid head shot in IMDB and perhaps aspires to do more. That may explain why Sean spent much of his interview time during the reward kissing Jeffrey Katzenberg’s ass (“If I can have one ounce of his success, I’ll be happy.”) and praising the movie (“The film is hilarious, the film is so funny.”).