The Apprentice 5 is (surprisingly) down to its final two: Lee and Sean

Donald Trump fired both Roxanne and Allie on last night’s episode of The Apprentice 5, and that leaves just two contestants left: Lee and Sean. Thus, another man will be selected as Trump’s apprentice/whore.

Trump dumped the women in another double-firing because they were betraying one another’s friendship. “In all of the boardrooms that I’ve had, I’ve never seen two people that were closer than you two. And then at the end, what do you do? Attack each other? Unbelievable,” he said. Of course, they did that probably because in the past he’s said, among other things, that he hates weakness and wants the candidates to stand up for themselves. Basically, it was another arbitrarily justified decision.

Before it goes on hiatus until January, the show has two more episodes left, concluding with a live finale June 5 that will, on some level, incorporate viewer votes. Most likely, Trump will take them under advisement and do whatever the hell he wants to do.

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