Hair Cuttery offers fired Apprentice Charmaine a job; Andrea says Trump called her

One of the two candidates fired on last night’s episode of The Apprentice 5 has been offered a job. Hair Cuttery, who was last night’s paid sponsor, issued a breathless press release today that declared “Hair Cuttery Says ‘You’re Hired.'”

The company “has offered one of the contestants fired tonight, Charmaine Hunt, a multi-unit franchise deal,” the release said. However, it’s clear that they didn’t actually ask her first; the next sentence says the company “is confident that Charmaine will view this as a savvy business move and accept Hair Cuttery’s lucrative offer.” They’ve offered her the franchises because she “possesses an acute business sense, but also has a great appreciation for the beauty industry and the value of exceptional customer service.”

That translates roughly to “Charmaine likes getting her hair cut,” which she did last night instead of, you know, trying to draw customers into the store.

Meanwhile, the contestant fired last week, Andrea, tells TV Guide that she and Trump have a close relationship. After name-dropping all of the URLs she owns, Andrea tells TV Guide that, at the Wharton Club, “Donald Trump and I had a private conversation for 20 minutes while we were waiting. … He would break off to take questions from other people, which is what you saw, but he kept going, ‘Do you see how smart Andrea is? Oh, Andrea, you’re successful, blah, blah, blah….’ This is when the women really started to see me as a major threat.”

Their relationship continued even after the show was over, when Donald Trump called her. She reports that he said, “‘You know what, Andrea? You just didn’t defend yourself in the boardroom.’ He said he never would have fired me if I had defended myself.”

If you’re hating Andrea for being so conceited and arrogant, she does earn some credibility by noting that she’s a fan of Office Space, and that the film actually inspired her to change her life. She tells TV Guide, “I saw Office Space and the next Monday morning I woke up and said, ‘If I am doing this in 20 years, I will shoot myself in the head.’ So I walked into the office and I quit.”

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